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Consumers of all types are savvy these days and although anecdotal hooks and thought-provoking facts are keys to gaining attention, smooth transitions, consistency and firm structures are what truly validate a brand and gain trust from a lead. Whether it's a retail product description in a catalog, a news-based article or a commercial script, copy must flow and be engaging, concise and accurate. In order to achieve this, a writer and editor must have a quick ability to identify objective and audience, research accurately and shape easy-to-digest copy that is specific to the media platform and consumer.


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A good producer knows what they're good at and knows how to eliminate every single one of their shortcomings. Understanding budgets, contracts and equipment is just as important as having the willingness to take the garbage out and get coffee for a grip (who probably stayed out too late the night before, but you won't say that because he does amazing work).

Since most of my work was in private sectors (aerospace and pharmaceutical industries), the viewership is legally restricted.