A daily practice of keeping your eyes open to positive change.

Our thoughts are everywhere and so are colors.

Although traditional meditation has gained validation for having mental and physical benefits, it is not for everyone.Not only is it super to take a moment every day to find stillness within your mind and body, it can also feel frivolous adding it to your list of daily obligations.

Even with the rise of yoga, meditation apps and mindfulness media as a whole (here’s looking at you, Marie Kondo), truly practicing mindfulness every day can feel like a struggle - the oxymoron for what a meditation practice is supposed to do for you.

Meditation is a way to positively shift our thoughts, broaden our perspectives and ultimately improve our behaviors. Every color has a special blend of benefits that support

Our brains stimulate our actions, both directly and indirectly. Scattered thoughts, a negative inner voice, and fears lead us to react negatively to life. Since our thoughts are everywhere we go, we can use colors to help us check in with our best self, cleanse the negativity and refocus on the positive change you want to make in my life. All that can happen within a minute or less.

How do I begin?

Just like anything, you just start doing it.

Be Aware: Start noticing the colors around you. The red bikes in a spin class or your coworker’s bright yellow shirt are like little messages to you. At first, you may not know what the colors mean off the top of your head, but it’s an easy thing to type into a search engine “healing properties of color blue” (or come back to this page!). Google: “

Be Conscious of the Colors You Choose: Getting your nails done or buying a new dress are perfect opportunities to control the color you are bringing into your life.

Be Open to sharing with others: Thanks to the mindfulness mania, many people are interested in learning different techniques to help them decrease their stress levels and feel lighter. Tell your co-worker who is wearing the yellow shirt, “Did you know that yellow is supposed to bring out joy, enthusiasm and wisdom?”'

There are a few daily things that successful people do in order to stay on top of their responsibilities and make progress with new projects, while avoiding a mental breakdown. Two of these things are moving their body every day and to

On both micro and macro levels, I want a lot of things to change in this world. From my personal desires like buying a house to my overall , want to find a new job, buy a house, get married, have a baby and go on more vacations. However, what I really NEED is to actually work at those things - and that feels very overwhelming, which discourages positive change.

Everyone deals with anger, fear, grief and horribly negative emotions. However,

I’m not sure where I fit on the belief spectrum. If God is 0 and Athiests are 10, I think I’m a 5. My strongest beliefs are in mind over matter psychology and reacting to negativity with kindness.

My fierce convictions to mind over matter psychology and acting with genuine kindness and respect - especially when you don't want to - is what led me to color meditations.

Our thoughts are everywhere, and so are colors.

Mind-over-matter practices are

Mind over matter. Laws of attraction. Manifesting. Visualization.

1: This is about you. If you believe in a higher power, it can include that, too. But at the end of the day, meditation is for you to connect to helps you connect to your is not about a higher power, it’s about you.

The bottom line is that meditation, just like prayers, are just focused thoughts.

stop and smell the roses? And when a friend asks you to send “good vibes” or prayers? Meditation and prayers are just focused thoughts.

No matter where you fit on the spiritual spectrum, you can create positive and progressive change, with the power of your brain, heart and actions.